About Us

New Life Realty's Networking for you! goal is to operate in an “all about you” fashion as opposed to the typical “all about us” philosophies within this industry.

Every member of our sales team was considered for their strengths and abilities to service the needs of their clients and customers.  We appreciate every transaction closed, but hope it represents the first of many in a long professional relationship.


Our Direction

      . . .  building a group of professional REALTORS based on Knowledge, Experience, and Business Ethics, not just numbers.   We form a team which enables us to work closely together and ultimately achieve the most successful results possible.

          . . .   using state of the art technology to provide superior exposure for our Sellers and complete market awareness for our buyers.  (Exposure on a number of different web sites!)

        . . .    the ability and commitment to research and plan a method of meeting our clients goals with the courage to inform clients not what they want to hear, but rather . . . what they need to hear by delivering good direction. 

       . . .   members of the County1, County2, and County3 Multi-List Systems, with exposure in several different Internet sites.

We’re your full SERVICE agents from START  . . .  
to FINISH with providing

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